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               Breaking a bone can be very painful and one would certainly also like to walk and move around comfortably. Yet, there are times, when physical movement can get impaired on account of accidents, sudden fall or perhaps even due to the ageing process. Whatever may be the case, Raaj Hospital is always with you at every step that you make after the orthopaedic treatment begins. In fact, Raaj Hospital is known for its best orthopaedic facilities, and the orthopaedic surgeons are reputed for perfect care.

            Orthopaedic treatment usually concerns with trauma, congenital as well as other forms of bone disorders and joints that are related to soft tissues, ligaments, muscles as well as nerves.

            Ortho care is highly specialized in Raaj Hospital and the concentration of the orthopaedic surgeon is to ensure complete recovery of the patient. We at Hyderabad offer several services in orthopaedics that major hospitals here as well as abroad offer. Only our expertise in the field is certainly of high calibre, providing the best facility and care to the patient. Patients come here to get treated for the following areas:

          Trauma, crush injuries, complicated fractures, arthroscopy, & spine surgery